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Oh No! Not that Feeling Again!

Oh no! Not this feeling again!

  You’ve worked on yourself. You think you’re done with feeling or behaving in a way that feels yucky, and then...bam! There it is again.

  Be kind to yourself. You don’t deserve harsh or critical treatment from anyone...including from yourself! Remember that these painful patterns are actually ways you learned to survive and keep yourself safe. You didn’t create them because you’re less than, you created them because you were creative in surviving. Now, you want something different for yourself because something inside you knows you deserve something better.

  This something inside you that knows you deserve better is your self love. This self love is peaceful, and usually expresses itself in a quiet voice. It can be hard to hear when the critical voice  is shouting, which it often is. That quiet sweet voice that loves you and lives in your heart gets drowned out so often times you don’t know it’s there.

  Here’s a way to get more in touch with that loving place within. Go to a quiet spot, close your eyes and take a couple deep breaths. Put your hands over your heart center in the middle of your chest and take a moment to feel your heart center. Then hum in a low tone, feeling the vibrations in your heart center. After doing that for a few minutes, stop making the sound, feeling the reverberations in your heart center from the humming, and feel how it goes into your whole body. Like a pebble creating circular waves when thrown into water. Notice how this brings a sense of peacefulness and more self connection.

  You will probably feel differently towards yourself after doing this. It can help you face the challenges you have (which we ALL have) with more compassion and kindness.

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